Hewes Light Tackle Boats  - When Bob Hewes started building boats his goal was simple-create the best all around, light tackle shallow-water boat available. Today, that goal hasn't changed but almost everything else has. Over fifty years of experience has taught us a lot about building light tackle boats. That experience and passion is expressed nowhere better than the new Hewes models. These boats are lighter, stronger, faster and safer with revolutionary new hull designs, state-of-the-art construction techniques, and more fishing-smart features than any other shallow-water boat on the market. The Hewes Redfishers are truly angler inspired. They are designed and constructed with the absolute latest in marine technologies and materials. Each boat has been substantially improved from both a technology and fishing point-of-view. Our ideas and methods are all tested on the water, in real world fishing conditions by the Hewes factory teams. That's why the handcrafted skiffs built by Hewes perform better, are more versatile, easier to maintain, traditionally hold higher value and are just plain better boats to own. What hasn't changed about the new models is the Hewes spirit and over a 50-year legacy of experience, innovation, quality and value. These things will always be standard features in our boats.

Jupiter Marine  - With over 35 years of boat building experience, the Jupiter Team is committed to building the finest, most technologically advanced offshore sportfishing boats available today. Every Jupiter is individually built to the exacting specifications of the sportsman who demands the very best in offshore performance, styling and reliability. Jupiter boats are built under the direction of Carl Herndon, Jupiter's president. Herndon is best known as the founder and CEO of Blackfin Yacht Corporation and former president of Bertram Yacht where he earned the reputation for building some of the world's best and most respected sportfishing yachts. The Jupiter team includes many of the same experienced managers and skilled craftsmen who have worked with Carl over the years in a proven tradition of providing maximum offshore performance, superior quality, and meticulous craftsmanship in the boats they build. You will consistently find Carl on the production floor today ensuring the product line is consistent with today's technology and the finished product meets the expectations associated with the Jupiter name. Jupiter was founded in 1989 in Jupiter, Florida and named after that prestigious coastal community. The company relocated in 1998 to a larger manufacturing plant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This facility, previously occupied by Blackfin Yacht Corporation, allowed the company to grow its product line, improve the quality of workmanship, increase efficiency and become more competitive. In 2007, Jupiter relocated to its current facility on the gulf coast of Florida to once again expand its production line in anticipation of its Express line of vessels. This 50,000 sq.ft. facility allows Jupiter the space needed for three lines of production, mold storage, paint booth and expanded office space. If you are looking for the finest sportfishing boat this planet has to offer "one with great looks, fantastic seaworthiness, speed, quality construction, and a resale value second to none" take a ride on a Jupiter.

Key West Boats  - Key West Boats 152 CC Key West Boats 1520 CC Key West Boats 1720 CC Key West Boats 1720 PRO Key West Boats 1720 DC Key West Boats 176 CC Key Wst Boats 176 DC Key West Boats 186 CC Key West Boats 186 DC Key West Boats 1900 CC Key West 176 Bay Reef Key West Boats 186 Bay Reef Key West Boats 196 Bay Reef Key West Boats 216 Bay Reef Key West Boats 1760 Stealth Key West Boats 210 LS Key West Boats 2020 CC Key West Boats DC Key West Boats WA Key West Boats 225 CC Key West Boats 225 WA Key West Boats Key West 211 CC Key West 211 DC 2300 SS CC Key West Boats 2300 WA Key West Boats 268 CC Key West Boats 293 CC Key West Boats Range From 15'-29' Center Consoles, Walk-Arounds, Dual Consoles and Bay & Reefs. Key West Boats is Floridas Top Selling Boat. Key West Boats Is #2 In Customer Satisfaction From JD Power And Associates. All in stock boats are located at our North Location 1/4 mile East of I-95 Exit #64 10th Ave North and Dixie Highway or Call us at 561-582-9015 for more info.

Maverick Boats  - Maverick Boats set the standard by which all other flats boats are measured. The Maverick name is synonymous with leadership in innovation, uncompromised quality and bulletproof performance. We build boats for fishing like it really is and where the conditions can vary from ideal to abusive in a matter of minutes. Our boats are made to get you safely and comfortably to your fishing destinations time after time irrespective of the conditions. Every Maverick is built with the highest quality materials using the latest construction technology. That?s why Maverick means superior quality. If you want to learn more about the perfect boat for the avid angler, you?ve come to the right place. For over 30 years, Maverick?s sense of purpose, legendary design and unfailing performance has inspired a lot of imitators. But, in a world of elevated expectations and empty promises, Maverick remains the genuine article. While there are other boats that can get you there, only Maverick takes you safely into those hard-to-reach areas with comfort and confidence. No other boat comes close. The current line of HPX skiffs offers the most versatile choice of shallow water boats ever built. The 17 HPX V, 17 HPX Tunnel, 17 HPX Micro, the 17 HPX Tiller and the 18 HPX have all expanded the original HPX concept to deliver even more focused products for specific angling applications. These five new models use the most advanced materials, lamination schedules and construction techniques available in the industry. In summary, Mavericks are the result of serious anglers designing shallow water skiffs for serious anglers. No compromises. No short cuts. Fish the legend.

Pathfinder Boats  - When you think bay boat, you think Pathfinder. That's because Pathfinder launched the bay boat revolution nearly two decades ago and has been surpassing customer's expectations ever since. In a world of "me too's", Pathfinder continues to set the standard with exceptional build quality, unsurpassed running performance, and smart layouts. Whether you're a serious tournament angler, a weekend warrior, or a family who wants to experience everything the water has to offer, there's a Pathfinder model designed especially for you. Come inside and see the Pathfinder difference.

Yamaha Outboards  - Yamaha Scratch & Dents Left Over Clearance All Yamaha Outboards On Sale Call Me Direct 561-582-9015 or email me at tuppensmarine@earthlink.net for Your Best Price On Yamaha Outboards --- Thanks For Looking Bill Tuppen?s ------------ Scratch And Dent Yamaha ---- Four Stroke Four Stoke 4hp $1,249 --- Four Stroke 6hp $1,399 --- Four Stroke 20hp $2,999 --- Four Stroke 25hp $3,199 --- F150LA $11,299 ---Four Stroke VF200LA &14,799 11-- Many More In Stock!!!!!--------------------------------------------------------- Yamaha Four Stroke EFI HPDI 2 Stroke 4 Stroke Two Yamaha Outboard Motor Engine F2.5MSH F4MSH F6MSH F8MSH F9.9MSH 9.9MSH 15MSH F15MSH F20 MSH F25MSH F40BTLR F50TLR F60TLR F75TLR F90TLR F115TLR F115TXR F150TLR F150TXR F200TXR LF200TXR F225TXR LF225TXR F250TXR LF250TXR F350TXR LF350TXR Reliability Starts Here!! Yamaha Outboards Motor Engines The Best All in stock motors are located at our North Location 1/4 mile East of I-95 Exit #64 10th Ave North and Dixie Highway or Call us at 561-582-9015 for more info.
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