Maverick Boats set the standard by which all other flats boats are measured. The Maverick name is synonymous with leadership in innovation, uncompromised quality and bulletproof performance. We build boats for fishing like it really is and where the conditions can vary from ideal to abusive in a matter of minutes. Our boats are made to get you safely and comfortably to your fishing destinations time after time irrespective of the conditions. Every Maverick is built with the highest quality materials using the latest construction technology. That?s why Maverick means superior quality. If you want to learn more about the perfect boat for the avid angler, you?ve come to the right place. For over 30 years, Maverick?s sense of purpose, legendary design and unfailing performance has inspired a lot of imitators. But, in a world of elevated expectations and empty promises, Maverick remains the genuine article. While there are other boats that can get you there, only Maverick takes you safely into those hard-to-reach areas with comfort and confidence. No other boat comes close. The current line of HPX skiffs offers the most versatile choice of shallow water boats ever built. The 17 HPX V, 17 HPX Tunnel, 17 HPX Micro, the 17 HPX Tiller and the 18 HPX have all expanded the original HPX concept to deliver even more focused products for specific angling applications. These five new models use the most advanced materials, lamination schedules and construction techniques available in the industry. In summary, Mavericks are the result of serious anglers designing shallow water skiffs for serious anglers. No compromises. No short cuts. Fish the legend.

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Maverick Mirage 17 HPX Micro

Beam 6' 03" Deadrise 4 deg. Draft* 4.75" Fuel capacity 15 gal. LOA 16' 09" Maximum capacities 3 persons or 370 lbs Maximum HP 40 hp Weight (approx. w/ engine) 850 lbs. w/ F40

Maverick Mirage 17 HPX Micro Tiller

Ripping the shallow water technology envelope wide open yet again, Maverick?s 17 HPX Micro is the lightest of the HPXs. It draws a true 4.75 inches and runs upwards of 35 miles per hour with a four-stroke 40 horsepower. Perfect for areas requiring long distance poling, the Micro poles effortlessly, tracks like an arrow and is deadly silent. Plus, it has more storage than any boat in its class. The 17 HPX Micro, a design that could only come from Maverick, the company that introduced the first technical poling skiff nearly 20 years ago and has been steadily redefining the concept ever since.

Beam 6' 03" Deadrise 4 deg. Draft* 4.75" Fuel capacity 15 gal. LOA 16' 09" Maximum capacities 3 persons or 370 lbs Maximum HP 40 hp Weight (approx. w/ engine) 850 lbs. w/ F40

Maverick Mirage 17 HPX Tunnel

The 17 HPX Micro Tiller has all the benefits of the Micro, but without the weight, rigging and footprint of a console. That means it still has all the lockable dry storage for your gear, the under gunwale rod storage with independent tip tubes and the highest-grade components like electric trim tabs standard. Upgrade features include a leaning bar that can be enhanced with a full switch panel that has remote tilt and trim and a kill switch, choice of powder coating packages and an array of custom options. Whether you?re a full blown minimalist or one who thinks just a little less is more, the 17 HPX Micro Tiller can be scaled to your ultra shallow-minded demands.

Beam 6' 03" Deadrise 4 deg. Draft* 5" Fuel capacity 18 gal. LOA 16' 09" Maximum capacities 3 persons or 450 lbs Maximum HP 70 hp Weight (approx. w/ engine) 1,115 lbs. w/ T60

Maverick Mirage 17 HPX-V

With its unique tunnel hull configuration and elevated engine mounting, the 17 Mirage HPX Tunnel runs, floats and poles in water too shallow for most game fish. This boat is designed for anglers that run long distances, fish and have to ?get up and run? in extremely shallow water. Unlike many competitive boats that are so-called ?super shallow? in part because they are underpowered, the 17 Mirage HPX Tunnel has the range and power to actually get you there, quickly and in comfort.

Beam 6' 03" Deadrise 12 deg. Draft* 8" Fuel capacity 28 gal. LOA 16' 09" Maximum capacities 3 persons or 450 lbs Maximum HP 115 hp Weight (approx. w/ engine) 1,170 lbs. w/ 90

Maverick Mirage 18 HPX-V

The 17 HPX-V is a revolutionary skiff designed for the most dedicated shallow water anglers. It poles quieter than any other boat in its class. The 17 is ground zero for the next generation of high performance, poling skiffs. For proof, check the standings of the most sophisticated and technically challenging flats tournaments and ask the top performers what boat they fish.

Beam 6' 08" Deadrise 13 deg. Draft* 9" w/ F150 Fuel capacity 28 gal. LOA 18' 04" Maximum capacities 4 persons or 600 lbs Maximum HP 150 hp Weight (approx. w/ engine) 1,400 lbs. w/ F150

Designed for the angler who likes to throw the cast net almost as much as the fly rod, the new Mirage 18 HPX is the most versatile technical poling skiff ever developed. Whether pushing into a stiff breeze chasing tailing permit, poling in an afternoon chop looking for migrating tarpon or chumming backcountry potholes with a livewell full of whitebait, this boat solidly delivers. Stable yet responsive on the pole, the 18 HPX has the range and speed of larger engine packages without sacrificing draft. No compromises. No limits.


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