With over 35 years of boat building experience, the Jupiter Team is committed to building the finest, most technologically advanced offshore sportfishing boats available today. Every Jupiter is individually built to the exacting specifications of the sportsman who demands the very best in offshore performance, styling and reliability. Jupiter boats are built under the direction of Carl Herndon, Jupiter's president. Herndon is best known as the founder and CEO of Blackfin Yacht Corporation and former president of Bertram Yacht where he earned the reputation for building some of the world's best and most respected sportfishing yachts. The Jupiter team includes many of the same experienced managers and skilled craftsmen who have worked with Carl over the years in a proven tradition of providing maximum offshore performance, superior quality, and meticulous craftsmanship in the boats they build. You will consistently find Carl on the production floor today ensuring the product line is consistent with today's technology and the finished product meets the expectations associated with the Jupiter name. Jupiter was founded in 1989 in Jupiter, Florida and named after that prestigious coastal community. The company relocated in 1998 to a larger manufacturing plant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This facility, previously occupied by Blackfin Yacht Corporation, allowed the company to grow its product line, improve the quality of workmanship, increase efficiency and become more competitive. In 2007, Jupiter relocated to its current facility on the gulf coast of Florida to once again expand its production line in anticipation of its Express line of vessels. This 50,000 sq.ft. facility allows Jupiter the space needed for three lines of production, mold storage, paint booth and expanded office space. If you are looking for the finest sportfishing boat this planet has to offer "one with great looks, fantastic seaworthiness, speed, quality construction, and a resale value second to none" take a ride on a Jupiter.

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Jupiter 25 Bay

L.O.A., Hull : 26’1”
Beam : 8’6”
Max HP Rating : 300 HP
Bridge Clearance : N/A
Deadrise : 15°
Dry Weight (w/engine) : 3,900 lbs
Operating Weight (approx) : 5,500 lbs
Draft : 15”
Fuel Capacity(Std) : 90 gallons
Water Capacity : 18 gallons

Jupiter 26 FS

There’s never been a Bay Boat quite like the Jupiter 25 Bay. Combining the features of a traditional bay boat with those of an offshore center console. A versatile hybrid sportfisher was born with suburb shallow water performance of a flats boat, while higher gunnels, flush decks and large tournament live wells provide the functionality of larger offshore center consoles. With the legendary Jupiter ride you’ll be ready to launch into your next fishing adventure in comfort and style.

L.O.A., Hull : 26’5”
Beam : 8’8”
Max HP Rating : 500 HP
Bridge Clearance w/Std T-Top : 7’10”
Deadrise (Forward) : 60°
Deadrise (Aft) : 23°
Dry Weight (w/engines) : 5,460 lbs
Operating Weight (approx) : 6,400 lbs
Draft - Motors Up : 20”
Draft - Motors Down : 31"
Fuel Capacity (Std) : 147 gallons
Water Capacity : 20 gallons
Holding Tank : 6 gallons

Jupiter 30 HFS Center Console

Dreaming big doesn’t mean settling for less. The 26 FS offers the style, performance and yacht level quality you expect from Jupiter in a smaller trailerable model. Factor in angling essentials plus family-friendly features and the choice becomes even easier. So why compromise? Choose a legend.

L.O.A., Hull : 29’6”
Beam : 9’4”
Max HP Rating : 600 HP
Bridge Clearance w/Std T-Top : 8’10”
Deadrise (Forward) : 60°
Deadrise (Aft) : 23°
Dry Weight (w/engines) : 7,590 lbs
Operating Weight (approx) : 10,041 lbs.
Draft - Motors Up : 22”
Draft - Motors Down : 33"
Fuel Capacity (Std) : 262 gallons
Water Capacity : 35 gallons
Holding Tank : 6 gallons

Jupiter 34 HFS Center Console

In the market for a sleek, powerful multi-tasker? From offshore fishing to waterfront dining, secluded beaches to the yacht club, the 30 HFS with its variety of features and seating options can do it all. With panache!

L.O.A., Hull : 33’ 9”
Beam : 10’5”
Max HP Rating : 900 HP
Bridge Clearance w/Std T-Top : 9’2”
Deadrise (Forward) : 60°
Deadrise (Aft) : 23°
Dry Weight (w/engines) : 9,880 lbs
Operating Weight (approx) : 14,784 lbs
Draft - Motors Up : 24”
Draft - Motors Down : 36”
Fuel Capacity (Std) : 325 gallons
Fuel Capacity w/65 Gal Option : 390 gallons
Water Capacity : 50 gallons
Holding Tank : 15 gallons

Jupiter 38 Cuddy Center Console

The Jupiter 34 HFS is considered one of the most attractive center consoles on the water today and can be personalized to fit individual preferences. The hull is not only designed to look great at dockside but renowned for providing a smooth and dry ride in various sea conditions. This model can accommodate the tournament angler but at the same time provide room, comfort and amenities for today’s boating lifestyle.

L.O.A., Hull : 38’2”
Beam : 10’7”
Max HP Rating : 1050 HP
Bridge Clearance w/Std T-top : 9’2”
Deadrise (Forward) : 60°
Deadrise (Aft) : 24°
Dry Weight (w/engines) : 11,980 lbs
Operating Weight (approx) : 16,344 lbs
Draft - Motors Up : 24”
Draft - Motors Down : 36"
Fuel Capacity (Std) : 315 gallons
Fuel Capacity w/66 Gal Option : 381 gallons
Water Capacity : 50 gallons
Holding Tank : 15 gallons

Jupiter 38 HFS Center Console

Even die-hard tournament anglers need to sleep sometime. So for those brief moments between bites, the 38 Cuddy offers a peaceful sanctuary in the forward cuddy cabin. Add the optional air conditioning, refrigerator and flat screen TV and you may never want to get off the water.

L.O.A., Hull : 38’2”
Beam : 10’7”
Max HP Rating : 1,050
Bridge Clearance w/Std T-Top : 9’2”
Deadrise (Forward) : 60°
Deadrise (Aft) : 24°
Dry Weight (w/engines) : 11,480 lbs
Operating Weight (approx) : 15,844 lbs
Draft - Motors Up : 24”
Draft - Motors Down : 36"
Fuel Capacity (Std) : 315 gallons
Fuel Capacity w/71 Gal Option : 386 gallons
Fuel Capacity w/160 Gal Option : 475 gallons
Water Capacity : 50 gallons
Holding Tank : 15 gallons

Jupiter 41 SB Sport Bridge

For serious big game pursuits and the offshore performance to leave others in your wake, we proudly offer the 38 HFS. She’s loaded with everything needed to stand up to tuna, marlin and broadbills. And when it’s time to celebrate the day, rest those sore muscles and relax in its’ spacious bow seating as the sun dips below the horizon!

L.O.A., Hull : 40’3”
Beam : 12’8”
Hull Draft (engines up) : 25”
Hull Draft (to bottom of props) : 42”
Bridge Clearance to top of hardtop : 11’1”
Fuel Capacity (Std.) : 475 gallons
Displacement, Operating : 24,260 lbs
Holding Tank Capacity : 18 gallons
Water Capacity : 80 gallons
Deadrise : 18°
Max HP Rating : 1200 HP
Sleeping Capacity : 5 persons
Diesel : 43 gallons

Jupter 43 SF Center Console

Bold and beautiful as only Jupiter can craft it. Our flagship model offers an enclosed Sport Bridge that keeps you comfortably out of the elements in a climate controlled helm and seating area. It includes premium yacht amenities with dependable outboard propulsion without sacrificing thoughtful fishability. She’s well-appointed with accommodations for five, onboard entertainment, spacious head, and a full galley. The only caveat? Filing extended float plans to exotic ports.

L.O.A., Hull : 43'1"
L.O.A, with Engines : 45'5"
Beam : 12’6”
Dry Weight : 18,175 LBS
Max HP : 1,400 HP
Fuel Capacity : 602 Gallons
Deisel Capacity : 49 Gallons
Deadrise : 24Ί
Max Draft (engines down) : 43”
Min Draft (engines up) : 27"
Livewell Capacity : 90 Gallons
Forward Bow Storage : 680 Quarts
Port Transom Fish Box : 420 Quarts
Stbd Transom Fish Box : 420 Quarts
Fresh Water : 75 Gallons
Holding Tank : 15 Gallons

The design criteria for the new 43 SF was to blend the best fishing elements from a premium sportfish and a center console into a sportfisher that is worthy of the Jupiter name. The goal was to raise the bar in the over 40’ center console platforms for fishability, performance, and comfort without compromising on its’ fish first design priority. Goal achieved!


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